How to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram

So you’ve put in all the hard work — you’ve studied and researched and spent weeks building up your personal brand or business’ Instagram following to a place that you feel proud of.

And then you notice your followers are dropping like flies.

Ugh, the frustration! You thought you had finally figured it out by getting the followers, and we definitely give you kudos for that achievement.

However, getting the followers is just the first step.

It’s a whole ‘nother ball game to keep the followers, and sometimes is a game that is much harder to play than getting them in the first place.

Fear not — CloutUP MGMT is here to give you some tips.

Here is how you can stop losing followers on Instagram and keep those numbers climbing rather than falling.

Ways to Keep Your Followers Following

1. Find the Posting Sweet Spot

You may think the more content you put in front of your followers, the more they’ll be reminded of you and the more relevant you’ll remain.

However, as Aesop said, “it is possible to have too much of a good thing.” To keep from being “too much,” you’ll want to stick to posting no more than twice a day on your feed.

When it comes to Instagram Stories, feel free to let loose and share a lot more on those — just don’t fill your Story feed with videos of you merely sitting there talking about your personal brand or business. Nothing will have people swiping to the next story faster than that. 

By giving your followers a bit of what they want, but leaving them wanting more, you’ll see them continue to come back rather than clicking that “unfollow” button because they can’t stand seeing any more of you.

Quick Recap: Post just enough but not too much.

2. Don’t Sacrifice Photo Quality

Though the word “insta” in Instagram is supposed to mean that you’re posting “in the moment,” let’s be honest — rarely does any personal brand or business post in that exact moment. Rather the posts are very methodical. They are planned, curated, and perfected before going live on the feed. 

And that’s exactly how your personal brand or business should be doing it.

Regardless of how much you want to share a particular moment or photo with someone, never ever do it if the photo quality is low. For more raw, unfiltered, and “in the moment” photos, head to your Stories. Anything that goes on the feed needs to be structured and look good and, of course, on-brand.

Use this as a rule — if you’re questioning at all the quality of the photo, err on the safe side and save it for your Stories. Only post what you know without a doubt is of a high enough caliber for your personal brand or business. 

When it comes to editing your photos, if you’re not a master at Photoshop, then we suggest trying out Lightroom’s mobile app. This offers some great editing options for those who are not editing geniuses, and still allows you the opportunity to turn your photos into professional-level pieces of art. 

Quick recap: Photo quality should be a high priority and something you never sacrifice.

3. Keep it Consistent

Think of someone you follow on Instagram whose content you love seeing. If they were giving you great content every day, and then didn’t post anything for a week, chances are good you would lose interest in them, stop checking their feed, and say, “BOI BYE”

The same goes for your personal brand or business.

In order to keep your followers, you need to post consistently. There is a happy medium between posting too much (as discussed above), and not posting enough. You need to find that sweet spot and ensure you are consistent with your photos. According to Inc., “you should stick with whatever frequency allows you to consistently produce quality images.”

By posting just the right amount, you are allowing your audience to get to know you a little bit at a time. Keep them curious. Think of it like dating — at the beginning you want to spend time with the person, but you also want to give them the opportunity to miss you.

So, like dating, let your personal brand or business’ Instagram followers miss you. Just don’t leave them hanging because they will move on faster than Ariana Grande can say “thank you, next.”

Quick recap: Don’t take a week off from posting when your followers are used to you posting 3 times a week — be consistent.

4.  Level-Up With Your Captions

When it comes to Instagram, it’s not all about the looks — it’s also about the words. This means that in addition to having stellar photos, you are going to need equally as stellar captions.

It’s quite a let down when you’ve got a fab picture accompanied by a mediocre caption. While people may enjoy the photo itself, the caption is your opportunity to share something deeper with them that goes beyond just the visuals. 

Here are some tips on how to create captions that will keep your followers interested:

  • Give them context
  • Ask them a question
  • Share a personal story
  • Put out a CTA (call-to-action)

Doing this will personalize the captions and encourage engagement. And that engagement is what will keep them coming back for more. 

Everyone loves a pretty face, but to keep you interested in the long-term, they’ve got to have more depth to them. The combination of strong photos and captions for your personal brand or business is what will bring you the depth that followers seek.,  Say “sayonara” to surface-level content.

Quick recap: Personalize your captions so your followers are able to connect.

5. Don’t Just Sit There and Look Pretty

Though it seems like enough work in itself to get a great photo, edit it with the perfect filter, and come up with a catchy caption, the buck doesn’t stop there. 

Once you’ve got your post up on your feed, you’ve got to keep going. By this we mean that you’ve got to engage. First and foremost, you need to engage with followers that comment on your photos. You may roll your eyes at the thought of this — depending on how many followers you have and the number of comments your pics get, this could be a major undertaking. However, it is absolutely a necessary undertaking.

Block out some time every day on your calendar to respond to comments on your photos. The more you engage with your followers, the more they will come back. 

In addition to responding to comments on your own photos, you must also find time to explore the vast world of Instagram and comment on other people’s posts. This includes people that are in your current audience, and people that may potentially become your audience. 

According to Forbes, liking and commenting on other Instagram users’ photos “is the most natural way to gain new followers.”

Quick recap: Engagement is what will keep your followers by your side. Don’t ignore them.

6. Mix Business With Pleasure

When it comes to your personal brand or business’ Instagram, avoid oversaturating your feed with business. Your followers can pick up very quickly when it feels like all you’re doing is trying to sell products or services, and they will pack up their bags and leave your fake a**. 

In order to keep things authentic and real, you need to share personal posts as well. Personal connection is what establishes an authentic relationship with your followers, which is a must to keep your Instagram following growing and strong. 

You can do this either by alternating between posts that are promoting your personal brand or business in a direct way, or by finding ways to caption your photos that aren’t screaming “BUY THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE.” 

Whichever route you choose, be sure that your personal brand or business remains authentic and doesn’t drift over into the pushy lane. Because nothing will turn someone off (on Instagram and in real life) more quickly than feeling like they’re being pushed. 

Quick recap: Find a harmony between business-related posts and personal posts so your followers come to think of you as a source for both.

Let’s Review

If you’re ready to stop losing your followers on Instagram, here are the top things that you should do:

  1. Be like Goldilocks and find the perfect amount of posting — not too little, not too much, but just right.
  2. Quality over quantity. Don’t just post for the sake of posting if you’re sacrificing quality.
  3. Don’t ghost your followers. Be consistent about your posting.
  4. Treat your captions like gold and keep them shining bright. Dull, boring captions mean losing followers.
  5.  Don’t just wait for people to come to you — go to them. For current and potential followers, interact with their comments and posts.
  6. Talk more than just business. Get personal and you’ll see your followers stick around.

If getting and keeping followers on Instagram sounds like something you need, but just don’t have the time to do it (or you don’t want to — no judgement), then CloutUp MGMT is here to the rescue. Not only do we help you get followers in the first place, we will also help you to keep those followers so that your personal brand or business gets the Insta credit it deserves.

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